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Default SAMPLE: Application: Keityan

For those who have confusion of how an application should look like, here is a sample circa 2010:

Name: Keichan(Seraph) Keityan(Bismark)
Main Job: SAM
Other Jobs: I have most jobs at 75+ but the ones that I am most comfortable playing with are:

Current Gear/Gear Sets:
Please refer to FFXIAH page.
Also have a Quint Spear 5 hit build for Yoichi

This gear set is not complete. (I’m missing the moonshade earring). But this would give a theoretical 5 hit build with all the other perks of double attack in the set during an aftermath. At the moment, I have to use an Unkai Domaru +2 for the store TP+10 in order to get a comfortable 5 hit build while maintaining 24.6% haste. I plan on changing the set to a 5-hit/pure 25% haste set in the near future. I am a hard number cruncher in every aspect of the game and have developed many excel spreadsheets to calculate these.

Also have RDM Stoneskin, RDM Phalanx, RDM Dark Magic, RDM high Elemental skill, RDM Convert, RDM Haste, RDM Enhancing, RDM Rest, RDM Stand, RDM Nuke when high MP and all misc stuff inbetween.

RNG: All AF3+2 and a 2 hit build for VW + COR. Most of the other accessories overlap with SAM. Geared for -enmity.

NIN: I figured you wouldn't consider me for my NIN, but my NIN has:
NIN Mdef, Defense, Ninjutsu Elemental, Ninjutsu Skill, Throwing set, Evasion, WS, TP.

Merits (For SAM)
HP: 8/8
STR: 8/8
G.Katana: 8/8
Bow: 8/8
Store TP: 5/5
Meditate: 5/5
Blade Bash: 5/5
Overwhelm 5/5

I originally had Ikishoten (4 of them to reduce a hit on a zanshin proc) but because of solo Dynamis, I merited the Blade Bash for the extra proc every 5 minutes. When I finish with Dynamis, I will return it to 4/5 Ikishoten and 1/5 Blade Bash. Store TP is required for a 5 hit build and Meditate is pretty much a no-brainer.

100 Alchemy
99 Leathercrafter/61 Smithing Mule (I used to hit tier 2 on Byrnie +1)

I generally play every day from a start time of about 7/8PM EST and end whenever. I try to sleep before 1AM EST for my sanity but this doesn't always happen! You can refer to the Personal Information section – these will outline when I can/can not play.

Dynamis Access: All Access
Sea Access: All Access
Salvage Access: All Access, All Cleared
Abyssea Progress: Have: 3 Lunar Abyssites, Melee/Mage Atmas minus PW, All Confluxes (lol), Caturae Clears, Zone boss Clears.
Previous End-game LS:
BeyondtheLimitation- This is the only LS that I’ve ever been and we’re as old or older than most any LS because we were formed by a couple of Koreans during JP release. I was the second NA player accepted in BtL in 2003. You guys probably followed an entirely same progression from HNM Kings to Sky, Sea, etc. We were one of the first LS’s to defeat AV (without wall of Justice) and the LS that you saw on online news and G4 TV Xplay about an 18-hour PW.
During this time, I was a leader ranging in work in Alliance setups, Strategies, Recruitment and had recently retired completely from a leadership position two years ago because it’s just simply too much work. Simply put, our LS had followed the same motto as yours, to focus on the newest content, best equipment, hard-working leaders/members, fairness that extends even to outside of our LS. Our LS had one of the best reputations in Seraph as a leading HNMLS and probably the most cleanest (none of our players cheat).
My adventures in this LS can only be well described by Rukenshin who, with a lot of the core of our LS had left for WoW after our 18 hour PW fight.
but I will sometimes show my travels on my LJ at:

Why I want to join Lunarians

My gameplay background:
The reason why I was in BtL was because of my strive to accomplish new things in different and novel matters. This extends to my game-play outside LS events where I strive to revolutionize low-man events. My latest accomplishment early last month was duoing Celaneo VWNM TIII on RDM 2x. To say the least, there is a lot of stories to tell but I’d doubt you’d be interested in the all of them. But anyhow, I’ll tell you some of my latest brigades!

My Real Life:
I am a researcher at Cornell University, Ithaca NY. I am currently in the biofuels industry studying cellulases and designing mutant enzymes that will degrade cellulose into pre-cursor molecules that will eventually lead to the production of ethanol. Researchers have very flexible schedules in a sense that I can go into work at pretty much any time I want as long as I put in the full hours required. However, there are some nights where I might have to stay a bit later for work (enzyme purification) or miscellaneous experiments that I have to finish up that may sometimes sporatically affect my arrival time on some event nights. I have a GF that I have recently introduced FFXI and she’s on her 6th month of playing. I’m waiting until she gets better before she applies for a LS. I also have friend’s character that I frequently double box named Terek. I play on him 90% of the time and he plays the other 10% but if I do indeed get accepted, I would hope that I will be able to tag his character along as well. He is a skilled BLM and RDM (a lot of my duo’s are with him as my partner) and had recently leveled up WHM and only logs in 3-5 hours a week.
And just for fun…
My real life has large influences on how I analyze the game and the choices I make. I feel as if my craft and mog house is represents of this fact… a biochemist that has an in game laboratory…

Final comments:
I just want to sit back and join events without having to have a really strong inclination to lead anymore. I want leadership that represents my outlook of the game. All in all, if you want to see what I do, is like a “Diary” of my travels. However, it is far from complete and because of the lack of new content we are exploring, I haven’t even bothered to update it these days (but the journal spams over 5-6 years). I would hope you would look over this application and message me in the near future.
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