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Default Our LS at a Glance - Read Before Applying!

Greetings! Thank you for visiting the Lunarians' recruitment section. Recruitment is currently handled by Phaded and Satabi, but Maximuss and Foresta are also available to pester if you have questions. Chances are they will redirect you to Phaded or Satabi.

Before you consider applying, take some time to read this. It will give you an understanding of who we are and what we do. Most importantly, reading this should help clarify any doubts you may have about whether or not you'd be a match for our linkshell. Just like certain dating websites, we look for multiple levels of compatibility between us and applicants. We will get into more detail about that later. First, since we ask you to tell us about yourself, it is only fair that we tell you a little about us.

Our History

Lunarians LS has been around since 2003-2004. We doubt anyone remembers the exact date anymore - though our DKP records date back to as early as March of 2003! Without any immediate fact-checking, we can say we are one of the most, if not the longest running end-game linkshell on any server. We maintain our longevity by following fundamental principles, including:

- Focusing on the newest, more interesting content.
- Striving to attain the best possible equipment and weapons.
- Fairness in how we reward our members.
- Hard-working and loyal officers/members.
- Recruiting only those who share our drive for bigger and better things.

We have killed everything FFXI has thrown at us. Often times being amongst the first to do so (Vrtra, AV, Odin, PW, ADL, VW, Delve, DM, etc). It is our strong, pioneering spirit that keeps us focused, and keeps the game interesting after all these years.

Our Rules - Because without rules there is only chaos/drama!

Lunarians' rules are simple, but demanding. Here is a summarized version of them:

- Attendance. It's mandatory. If you are online during event time, you are expected to be with us, raiding. We understand that people need to work and go to school and such, so talk to us about your schedule. We'll see if we can make it work.

- Playing nice. This means respecting others, in and out of the LS. This means no cheating, botting,or getting GM'd. This means no shout/yell wars or smack-talking in /say. As an LS member, you represent the linkshell - don't make us look like douches.

- Exclusiveness. Members are only allowed to have one pearl - ours. If we see you running around wearing another pearl, then, well, Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do. Having one pearl makes you part of the family. In our experience, it builds loyalty and dedication.

Our Loot System - Because we all want to look cool when we're examined

Lunarians uses a fair, but rewarding DKP system. It is a system that evolves to meet the needs of whatever changes become evident in FFXI. Officers are constantly working on ways to keep the system fair and thus allowing members to gear their characters. Here's a quick explanation on how our members get stuff:

- Main Job: First, and foremost, is a person's Main Job. The MJ is the most important factor when determining who gets what. Everyone has to pick one main job. If an item helps a mage nuke harder, then obviously a MJ BLM would get priority over a MJ WAR on that particular item. Does that mean a BLM will always get priority over a WAR on that item? No, because there are other factors to consider.

Some of the factors we also take into consideration when determining who to give an item to:

- Attendance.
- Effort given by that individual towards attaining pops/key items for NMs/bosses.
- How that item will benefit the LS as a whole.

If you had to take some time off from the game, and get to play maybe once a month, do not expect to win anything over someone who has been at 90% of raids for the last 3 months. If someone farmed multiple pop sets for a certain NM, and all you did was show up to kill it, don't expect to get priority over that person.

Here are a few examples of the Main Job rule in play, and how it's affected by DKP.

1. Two BLMs, One Staff.
-Radec and Hellfire are both BLM mains.
-Radec has 2000 DKP, Hellfire has 1500 DKP.
-Both members have good attendance.
-A staff with Refresh+2 drops.
-Both members bid.
-Radec wins because there are no other factors to consider. This simply comes down to who has the most DKP.

2. The Attack of the +50 Attack Mantle!
-Radec is a MJ BLM, Memo is a MJ WAR.
-Radec has 2,000 DKP, Memo has 1,000 DKP.
-A mantle drops that has +50 Attack, but is equip-able by All Jobs.
-We take bids.
-Radec wishes to bid the mantle for an alternate job (MNK), Memo bids the mantle for his WAR.

-Examples of when Memo wins the mantle:
a. Even if Radec said he wanted it for his main job BLM, +50 attack is obviously more beneficial for a WAR than a BLM.
b. Even though Radec has more points than Memo, the mantle will be more useful to the LS if a WAR (Memo) gets it first.
c. Radec and Memo both have good attendance, so no other factors need to be considered other than MJ/DKP.
c. It is an NM whose pop items are not soloable or low-mannable, so no other factors to consider.

- Examples of when Memo loses the mantle:
a. Even though the mantle is obviously more useful for a WAR, Memo has played once in 2 months.
b. The pop item for the NM that drops this mantle takes a lot of work and effort to gather, but Radec was able to get 3 pops during his own free time. He obviously showed much more effort, and even though it's for an alternate job, he would get priority.
c. Radec's MNK has been needed a lot lately for LS stuff. Meanwhile, Memo has been bidding a lot of items and has fallen very low on points. MJ could be overlooked here because of the combination of needing Radec's MNK and his towering DKP over Memo.

After all things are considered, there is one important thing to remember: we WANT to gear our members. If it means we need to kill a certain NM 40 times, until absolutely everyone, regardless of main job, has gotten an item they want, then that's what we'll do. The bottom line is, we will always reward hard work and dedication. The MJ/DKP systems are just ways of helping us decide in what order we do that rewarding.

Our Current Schedule - Because staring at your Moogle sucks

This changes from time to time, depending on LS demand for particular items, and content that is introduced.

As of: Spring of 2015, this is what a weekly schedule looks like for us:

Mon/Tue/Thr/Fri: 8PM EST
Wed/Sat/Sun: Off

We focus mostly on 18-man content such as Incursion and Divine Might 2, however we also do ultra-rare Skirmish runs when members are in need of gear.

You may have noticed that Abyssea, Voidwatch and Delve are not on the list. Although we used to have the occasional 'Abyssea Request Day' or Voidwatch runs in several years past, because of how aggressively we went after that content (more so Delve), there is very little for us left in to do; especially when considering that most things can be done solo, duo and lowman. Lunarians is definitely not an LS for someone who still has much to acquire from those events. Since we currently still offer Delve clears and DM2 items we do wander in there from time to time, but to be clear, as an LS during prime event times, we never venture into any 6-man merit, Abyssea or Voidwatch content. The only exception currently is VW-Morta EXP for Divine Might 2.0 runs.

On the plus side, our focus has always been newer/exciting content. With us, members get to experience actual challenging stuff in the game - mobs that actually require a higher level of gameplay, that you can't simply 'brew' if it's too hard. Stuff like Utkux and Wopket, and other higher tier Fracture.

What We're Looking For - Because we have needs too!

Lastly, here is what we look for in applicants. Followed by a simple copy&paste format you can use to fill out an application.

-Playtime, playtime, playtime. This speaks for itself. In order to kill some of the harder stuff, we need good numbers. Aside from that, good attendance is how you earn points and priority for items. Play a lot and get rewarded more.
-Useful jobs, but more importantly be knowledgeable about your jobs. In this post-Abyssea era of FFXI, having all LV99 jobs is nothing special. Knowing how to play a job, how to gear it, how to excel at it - that is what we look for.
-Fundamental gear, especially if something is AHable or Magian-able. We're not saying that we want only the best geared players but, if you are applying as a WHM who hasn't bothered to make a Cure staff, then chances are your application will get passed on, quick.
-Enthusiasm. Be eager to learn if you haven't done something before. Be enthusiastic about wanting to better your character and try new things. In short, show us that you give a damn about being in the LS. (But don't overdo it. No one likes the new guy if the new guy is too loud and obnoxious. Just saying!)

The Application

Feel free to copy and paste this section and use it to fill out these basic questions we ask of all applicants. You can take out the stuff in parenthesis, since that is just an explanation of what each field means.

Applications that look like they took 30 seconds to write, will take us 1/10th of the time to decline. That's right, 3 seconds. Show us you care, write us a good app. Use Spell-check, grammar, punctuation, etc. Don't waste our time and yours.



Main Job:
(The job you care about most and want to gear up. The job you know best and wouldn't mind playing a majority of the time. All members are given a chance to play alternate jobs on occasion, so this is merely for lotting priority.)

Other Jobs:
(Even list jobs you don't currently have geared. More jobs will never hurt you, and it is always possible to re-equip something "retired" in the future.)

Current Gear/Gear sets:
(You can link us to your FFXIAH profile here or even paste some of your gear swap macros. This is basically one way for us to see that you understand how to gear a respective job, and thus know the job's role in a group scenario. You don't need to show us gear for ALL your jobs, just your main is fine. If you've got good alternate jobs, with gear you're proud of on those, then feel free to show us that too.)

(Similar to gear sets, this shows us your knowledge about the job. Just merits for your main are fine. No particular format is necessary, just make it clear what you decided to merit.)

(It never hurts to have another 100+ craft in the LS. Not a huge deal if you're slacking in this department.)

(Very, very important. We mostly go by EST time zone, but you can post in whatever time zone you're in. This is one of the most influential factors we use to determine if an applicant would be a good candidate. Please make it clear when you can and cannot play.)

Dynamis Progress:
(Which Dyna zones can you enter.)

Zilart Progress:
(This is needed for certain VWNMs.)

CoP Progress:
(Can you enter sea? "Lumoria" This is needed for Arch Ultima-Omega)

ToAU Progress:
(Access to Alexander is always a plus.)

Voidwatch Progress:
(Clears/Provenance access)

Fracture Progress:
(Delve 2.0 experience is a huge, huge advantage to any applicant.)

Divine Might/Hard Mode BC Progress:
(Same as above.)

Previous End-game LSes:
(To see if you've got any experience in an end-game LS mostly.)

Have you read 'Our LS at a Glance' post?
(A simple yes here will do, to confirm that you know the information above.)

Why you want to join Lunarians:

Personal Information:
(Anything relevant you feel comfortable sharing about yourself. Hobbies. Interests. Hopes. Dreams. Desires.)

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