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Default DS app

Character Name: Darksire

Main Job: (Master*) WAR*, RNG*, RUN*, COR*, SCH (415 JP and counting)

Secondary/Other Jobs: GEO, PLD, DRK, NIN

Current Gear/Gear sets:
(Saying "I have all gear sets" is not a proper example. Actually LIST examples for the jobs you are applying for here; link to your ffxiah page, gearswap file or paste examples from your scripts/macros.)

War: After glow Ragnarok, Store TP AF+2 body,legs,boots, misc. berserk and aggressor duration increase af/relic/empy 119 gear.
WS set with moonshade earring, DT set, Hybrid DT/TP set. Ambu +1/+2 sets

RNG: Annihlator (still needs AG) AF+2 4/5, relevant af/relic/empy 119

RUN: Aettir, all af/relic/empy 119, herc 5/5 with some DT-4, full tank set 50(5) pdt/dt
mdt set/ hybrid set/ 5 hit TP set etc.

COR: Fettering Blade, af/relic/empy 119, PDT idle set, Snapshot 60, TP set with AF+2 body, Hybrid phantom roll set/duration+ Desultor tassets, QD darkness set Mirke Wardecors, QD Macc/Mab, Leaden Salute with Archon ring, Carmine+1 Herc+MB, Random Deal set etc...

SCH: idle pdt/refresh set, Aspir set, Nuking/helix set 40% MB Empy boots 119, Fast cast set, Regen Set with regen potency Telchine gear, Empy hat/hands 119, Curing set.etc...
Myrkr set MP+

PLD: Aegis/Ochain

NIN: Kikoku

DRK: Apocalypse

Merits: Capped

Crafts: Fishing 83, Cooking 91

Playtime: Starting June 6th i work Mon-Fri 8am-2pm (EST) with an hour commute. Free after that. I'm currently in the USCG and will have 3-4 overnight duties a month where I'll be unable to attend.

Dynamis Progress: Tavnazia

Zilart Progress: Cleared

CoP Progress: Cleared

ToAU Progress: Cleared w/ moonshade earring

Voidwatch Progress: Still need a Provenance clear

Fracture Progress: Cleared

Divine Might/Hard Mode BC Progress: Cleared VD

Previous End-game LSes: Foreal, AD

Have you read 'Our LS at a Glance' post? Yes

Why you want to join Lunarians: Been enjoying going to Omen with members of Lunies. Would like to make an Aeonic weapon. Complete any future content with an end game LS.

Personal Information:
(Anything relevant you feel comfortable sharing about yourself. Hobbies. Interests, etc..) Can speak Japanese.

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Update: Most discussions or questions I have had were cleared up in game or on Discord.
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