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Default Azim's Application

Character Name: Azim, Darkwolfs

Main Job: BLM BRD

Secondary/Other Jobs: DNC

Current Gear/Gear sets:

Crafts: 105 ww

Playtime: Every day from 4 est to midnight

Dynamis Progress: Have Access to all

Zilart Progress: Completed

CoP Progress: Completed

ToAU Progress: Completed

Voidwatch Progress: Completed

Fracture Progress: Completed

Divine Might/Hard Mode BC Progress: have not attempted this

Previous End-game LSes: N/A

Have you read 'Our LS at a Glance' post?
Why you want to join Lunarians:
I want to join Lunarians because of my 2 friends knoxvegas and madisyn so i can do end game content with them and learn to be the best player i can be to help strengthen the shell
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Spoke with Madisyn this morning. My understanding is that Azim/Darkwolf has been very busy with work (as most of us are).
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