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Default Cloudstrafie

Character Name: Cloudstrafie,Cloudstrafe,

Main Job: (CLoudstrafie) PLD Burtgang,Ochain,Aegis,WHM,BLM,THF,BLU-Tizona/Almace-(Cloudstrafe) GEO-Idris,BRD-GHorn,4 song harp-15k alex into mythic

Secondary/Other Jobs: RNG(SG),MNK(NG),SCH,(G)

Current Gear/Gear sets:

PLD and WHM i dont use gearswap for WHM is a work in progress,I have a whm ALT that im building yagrush on,BLM is also a work in progress,SCH has 1500 JP on mainly built for Skillchains,No advanced gear on this job.

Merits: All jobs and categories capped

Crafts: 70 leather

Playtime: Anytime on the weekends,Normally after 5 CST during the week

Dynamis Progress: Complete

Zilart Progress: Complete

CoP Progress: Complete

ToAU Progress: Complete

Voidwatch Progress: Complete

Fracture Progress: Complete

Divine Might/Hard Mode BC Progress: Complete

Previous End-game LSes: Prophets,Discord

Have you read 'Our LS at a Glance' post? Yes

Why you want to join Lunarians: Coming from old HNM having things to do to always keep me busy,Now i have a lot to do but not much that can push me to make things better for me and my characters,Pushing myself to the limit and helping those around me.

Personal Information:
Native multi boxer
Making fun of gimp...errr Gip
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"I Smell Yo Light Saber"
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Update: Most discussions or questions I have had were cleared up in game or on Discord.
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