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Default Application For membership : Datruthuhate

Character Name: Datruthuhate

Main Job:
Bard (Mastered) 99 Gjallarhorn & Daurdabla (4-song),
Black mage (Mastered),
Thief (Mastered),
Geo (Mastered).

Secondary/Other Jobs:
Ninja 85 Kannagi, (left it on the back burner, I guess this would be more of my hobby job).

White mage (I Retired this job only because I was so good at it, that is all people asked me to come as. But secretly re-gearing for dire event purposes only or requested, eventually will be mastered).

Corsair, (work in progress, figured be good to have a range attack job as well as a roll BOT Still needs some tweaking and mastering).

Scholar, (also a work in progress, needs mastering. I pretty much have all the gear needed for the job, except some those crazy duration pieces like Nickeny's 8 minute haste).

Current Gear/Gear sets:

Merits: All jobs leveled to 99 are fully merited.

Leather 7, Alchemy 16, Fishing 20, Synergy 60 (you don't lose items or get breaks)
I'll really never liked the crafting system in FFXI.

Currently I am available Monday thru Friday anytime after 7pm, except for Wednesdays, I work late that day, unless I get stuck at work. My reason for currently seeking new employment.
Also usually on the weekends and most of the holidays, except my birthday and New Years (I'll be drunk).

Dynamis Progress: All cleared except Tavnazia & Qufim (didn't see the need for it), probably do it for the lolz.

Zilart Progress: Completed

CoP Progress: Completed (I made nick proud with this one )

ToAU Progress: Completed

Voidwatch Progress: Just need final boss.

Fracture Progress: Completed

Divine Might/Hard Mode BC Progress: Completed DM I & II

Previous End-game LSes:
Cukata, Paragon.
Also another LS "Yodaman" was running, Its been so long
I don't remember the Ls name.
We helped a lot of people on this server get Delve & DM II clears.
After the Delve Era, I took about a year off from the game.

Have you read 'Our LS at a Glance' post? Yes.

Why you want to join Lunarians:
Looking for group of determined members that will allow me to thrive. Accessing new and exciting challenges, where I can hone and practice my skills all the while having a spirited and joyful time with a sense of accomplishment and or learning experience.

Personal Information:
1 year of college education.
Electrical maintenance, local 3 member.
Build/troubleshoot computers, fixing cars.
I speak spanish, not very fluent.
I like being a couch potato, watching movies & my TV shows when I am not busy.
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"I Smell Yo Light Saber"
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Hi Truth,

Thanks for applying! I am hoping to have some time to review the app and get back with questions later today. Have a good day

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"I Smell Yo Light Saber"
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Update: Started doing runs with us 6/27/17.
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