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Default 411 on current recruitment

Hi all,

As always, I would encourage you to read the "Sample Application" & "Our LS at a glance" pages before applying to Lunarian's. Both threads have a great deal of insight about how we operate. If those two threads haven't scared you away and you think you would jive with us....put together an app!

Currently looking for two or three players to fill our ranks!

What we are currently looking for as your main LS job:

WHM - Yagrush is awesome, not needed though. Barspell/Divine caress JP's are a plus
SCH - 500+ JP minimum, 1200+ JP preferred
BLM - 1200+ JP minimum
RDM - 550+ JP minimum

What we would consider in tandem with the above:

RNG - Should one of our core RNG's be absent (REMA is a plus)
THF - Erinys time! (REMA is a plus)
BRD - Should one of our core BRD's be absent (REMA is a plus)
GEO - 900+ Skill/Master. Idris is a plus, but not required
DD - Should one of our core DD's be absent (REMA is a plus)

I cannot stress how important it is to post links to your current gear sets. It helps show us the knowledge and know-how you possess for gearing that job properly.

Current Event Schedule:

Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri - 8PM-11PM EST
Sat/Sun/Weds - OFF

Should you have any questions please reach out to me in-game or on Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


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